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Image by Stuart Frisby

Fantayzia Designs and Records are proud to be part of Coventry's creative and shopping scene. We have been based in Fargo Village since 2016 and work with some of the amazing artists and creatives people of the city.

In fact Fantayzia has a very personal relationship with the city which you can hear about in the video below.

How Coventry changed its crest

How Coventry changed its crest

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Alongside Fantayzia Designs Coventry inspired Vinyl Record Pictures we stock products in the shop at Fargo Village from Etch & Pin and CovKid.


Pop into the shop to have a look at what we have in stock or drop us a message.

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Classic Coventry images made using unplayable vinyl records, framed and ready to hang, or to give as a gift. 

We also do bespoke images so if there is a part of Coventry you would like let us know.  

Shop here online or visit us instore.


Etch & Pin launched their limited-edition pin badges in July 2018, with a brand-new badge released every month for a year, since then Etch & Pin have released new products based solely around Coventry landmarks and culture.


Cov Kid is a project born to celebrate Coventry design. They aim to provide products that acknowledge iconic images of the city both for locals and for visitors in the run up to City of Culture. Fantayzia Designs stock mugs, Tote Bags, Scarves, and Cushion covers.

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