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Full reopening information post COVID-19


Hello Fantayzia fans! 


YES! we are to reopen from Thursday to Sunday however if you prefer an isolated appointment or silent appoitment that is possible (BOOK HERE).  We arrange to meet you from 11 am Wednesday through to Sunday at 4pm here at Fargo Village.  Fargo has prepared the village for welcoming you back (read more here).


However, we have our own rules to allow you to check out our art and crate dig through some excellent vinyl.  So here are the rules:


2m apart.png

We'll allow 2 people in the store at one time to ensure we can keep a good distance


Restricted appointment times - 11am till 4pm Wednesday , Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

As per Government guidelines we will require all customers to wear a facemask from 12th April.

hand sani.png

Fantayzia will provide you with hand sanitizer to use before you enter the shop


Fantayzia will provide you with vinyl gloves if you want to dig through our records


We and Fargo have provided bins to dispose of your gloves safely.


Currently we would prefer your payment is made by contactless (up to £45 or via Apple Pay or AndroidPay)

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