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Pictures made from Vinyl Records

Stunning pictures created using damaged vinyl records



Purchase our artwork for your home or as a gift.  Each item is made to order and will use a different record label where appropriate. Ranging from £25 - £35, there is a design for everyone.



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Music and Musicians

This collection from Fantayzia Designs uses the records to recreate iconic images of the most famous and well loved music artists. 

Have a favourite artist who isn't here? Please get in touch to talk about the possibilities!



Have a favourite animal, or want to capture an image of a well-loved pet?  No problem! Check out the animals that have been captured here, and even customise with a label colour to compliment your decor.

You can even send me a photo you've  taken of a pet or animal in the wild and I will recreate it using vinyl records.

Films and Television

Capturing iconic film and TV characters from all eras and genres.

This section may be a little heavy on the geek!


The Geek Zone

Pokemon characters, comic book heroes and villains - find them all here!

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