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Re-purposing Damaged Vinyl Records into Art and Jewellery

Firstly let's get this out the way - I collect vinyl, I love vinyl, I have done since I was young when I was allowed to take one of my father's records to listen to (only allowed one at a time) and would sit and absorb the music from that wonder of technology.

When I realised that old vinyl was being dumped into landfill because no-one wanted it I started to make jewellery and art for myself from damaged records. Eventually, I realised other people liked what I was making and they wanted it too so Fantayzia Designs was born.  

That was 2017 and now we have a bigger store, retro games, geeky memorabilia, guest artists, and our own record store focusing on Movie, TV, and videogame soundtracks along with a large selection of pre-owned music from a wide range of genres and decades.  Check out Fantayzia Records here!



Fantayzia only uses damaged, unplayable vinyl records in her creations.

Records cannot currently be accepted in your household recycling scheme, or at a recycling centre. Instead, any records that are to be discarded will be sent to landfill.

In 2014, the UK sent 16 million tonnes of waste to landfill, much of which, including records, will not decompose readily. Vinyl records are made using PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride). If this is heated or burned, it releases dioxins that can be incredibly harmful and remain in the human body for a significant length of time.


Fantayzia has a passion for collecting vinyl records, and this drove her to find a reason to keep them out of landfill, and make them into something desirable – please take a look!

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The Market Hall, Fargo Village, Far Gosford Street, Coventry, United Kingdom


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